Welcome to Chocface!

Turn any image into a box of chocolate photos. Eat your friends, melt your enemies – everything is personal with a unique gift – from Chocface!


What you get:

The Chocface box is a DVD sized box of six individual chocolate photos. We use a type of food coloring we call “edible color” on top of a white chocolate layer to create remarkable image resolution (the equivalent of around 480p). This in turn sits on a Belgian milk chocolate base to create a deliciously tasty treat.

In addition, our custom boxes can include a personal message, or “name” of the box.

The chocolates are delivered first class by Royal Mail from Derbyshire, UK. They take 1-2 days to process and then for delivery time add a few days for the post (more if outside UK).

What people are saying about chocface

” Hilariously Tasty! “

Dave P. Birmingham

” We made our whole family into chocolate. Gran just loved eating all the grandchildren 🙂 “

Jacqueline O. Dublin

” I sent the holiday snaps of our trip to Ibitha to all my mates. They were horrified! They ate them up quickly, not just because of the chocolate ahahahaha. “

Terence G. Hampshire

” I bought the Brexit box and slowly dissolved our political leaders in my tea. It created an enduring sense of calm that stayed with me for days. “

George A. Scotland