The Mothers day Chocolate rush!

Thanks to all the bloggers who have reached out to us in advance of Mother’s Day. We loved close up pic from 🙂 Perhaps we should do more of them.


Facebook Back down in face of our mighty PR machine! Brexit chocolates back online

Well we put it here for the record – our account ban was covered the Irish Examiner:

Facebook bites back over Brexit Chocolates 

And our account is now reinstated…thanks to the power of journalism!

Here is a quote from Facebook:

“We review millions of ads and posts each week, and unfortunately we occasionally make mistakes as has happened here. We have reinstated the advertising account and would like to apologise to ChocFace for any inconvenience caused.” – A Facebook Company Spokesperson

But we really don’t think it would have happened without the work of the amazing Liz Dunphy and the Irish Examiner!

Chocface Video Tester

Our first, very baby steps chocface video (courtesy of TikTok) is now live here.

This is just the beginning…new and better ideas please send to!

Facebook have banned our Brexit Collection!

Not only have Facebook not permitted our ads for the “The Brexit Collection” but also they have decided that we had a political agenda and have deliberately attempted to circumvent their regulations with an attempt to influence hearts and minds by putting Brexit on chocolate. Who would have thought chocolate could be so controversial. Is our democracy really so fragile? Are we another Russian ploy? No. We merely want to have a nice cup of tea and a chocolate Boris.

Chocface is live.

This is the first Chocface post. We generally launch a different collection box each week around a topical theme. So far there are only a few – Brexit, Baby Horses, Old Masters. If you have a special collection you think the public would want to eat…let us know at