The box of Scottish Independence. Five iconic images, one flag. If we had whisky flavoured chocolate, this would be it. Alas…this box, like the other Chocface products contains no alcohol, and is merely made from the finest Belgian chocolate, highlighting the contrasting nature of nationalism and international economic trade. Previously you could only love or hate your politicians. Now you can dunk them in your tea!

What you get:

The Chocface box is a DVD case sized box of six individual chocolate photos. We use a type of food coloring we call “edible color” on top of a white chocolate layer to create remarkable image resolution (the equivalent of around 480p). This in turn sits on a Belgian milk chocolate base to create a deliciously tasty treat.

In addition, our custom boxes can include a personal message, or “name” of the box.

What people are saying about chocface

” Hilariously Tasty! “

Dave P. Birmingham

” We made our whole family into chocolate. Gran just loved eating all the grandchildren 🙂 “

Jacqueline O. Dublin

” I sent the holiday snaps of our trip to Ibitha to all my mates. They were horrified! They ate them up quickly, not just because of the chocolate ahahahaha. “

Terence G. Hampshire

” I bought the Brexit box and slowly dissolved our political leaders in my tea. It created an enduring sense of calm that stayed with me for days. “

George A. Scotland